6 Apr 2006

"England my country the home of the free, such miserable weatherbut England's as happy as England can be, why cry?"

Well it's official, we're all going to die. Bird flu hits the shores of Britain. A dead swan has been found in Scotland. So accordingly ITV News decided to broadcast live from the area. It's all doom and gloom and old people panicking in the streets let me tell you. Apparently the local police have made an exclusion zone for birds around the town quite how they are going to enforce this is anybodies guess. Perhaps there will be a gull minding it's own business flapping nonchalantly over the vincinty when along side a Copper flies on a hang glider with a blue light on top. (adopts Monty Python copper voice "Hexcuse me Sah wuld Hyew maind pullin over?" To which the gull would no doubt ignore as we all know that all Seagulls are council estate chavs in the bird world. There would then be a high speed chase across the skies of eastern scotland. I mean it's hardly worth panicking over is it? I for one would welcome a pandemic especially towards some of my customers (it would save on bullets). I mean some days I really feel like that woman in California who taught the chimp to talk, although she has returned better results from her experiments. We are talking about people who when they go to Dorset's Monkey World they have to be stamped on the hand like when the simpsons visit Homer in the asylum, 'Not Chimp'. Maybe I'm just being judgemental but come on when was the law to let Brother and Sister get married passed? Besides which if many thousands of people died it would prove Darwin right, empty the buses and clean out the gene pool. The only thing that would suffer from the death of the dumb would be Pop Idol's rating and the sales of the Burberry company.

Tonight's post is the excellent soundtrack to the 1972 Perry Hanzell produced film of 'A Harder They Come' starring Jimmy Cliff. A cameo role for Prince Buster as the club DJ who says "Sit tight and listen keenly, while I play you a brand new musical biscuit." Which was later sampled by Big Audio Dynamite. Anyway this is the remastered version with covers etc.



telstar_ted said...

First off ..great OST post! Thanks

2nd - as fellow brit..I am convinced the media/news are more scared of bird flu than us mortals

I mean I dont go anywhere near birds (even those sort - attached unfortunately...)

The Euro Governments are behind this to try to divert the sham they have inflicted with Iraq

(..oh do shut up Ted..)



TheUpsetter1969 said...

Not to feed your paranoia but I think you're right. If i see an unwell budgie I shall chuck some Veno's at it just to be safe. :)

Jim said...

I dont know what all the fuss is about, I've caught much worse off a bird than the flu...