23 Mar 2006

"Shirley how can you lay there and think of England when you don't even know who's in the team?"

All these pop ups that you get whilst trying to download music make me laugh. On the one hand you have the one's that come up with some great big fat salad dodger with the screen name of 'cutekitten' or 'girl4u' at the bottom of the picture of her in a state of some undress or where she's shoving her large arse into the webcam. Not a pretty sight. On the other hand you get these one's where a site promising an absolutely stunningly beautiful woman from the former USSR. There she's fully clothed (too cold in Russia for bikinis I suppose?)but having a proffessional photo shoot to show off the perfect features of her face without blemishes and straight teeth that the Osmonds would be proud of. This I sure would be a case for false advertising as you turn up at the airport carying a piece of card with 'Luba Andropova' (made up name if ever I heard one) written on it to be greeted not by a stunningly beautiful model from the Steppes but a former East German women's shot putter complete with moustache, muscles and tattoos. I wonder how many have gone to a court to claim under the trades decription act?
Tonight's post is the fantastic album by The Smiths - The Queen Is Dead ... mmmmm Yvette ...sorry went off there into fond remembered mammaries sorry memories, ...must go an have a cold shower.

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