21 Mar 2006

I was looking for a job and then I found a job and heaven knows I'm miserable now.

Well, my early retirement is getting nearer, it's this that keeps me going when up a
ladder holding armfulls of stock or shop fixturing a simpleton will bimble up to you and
ask "Are you busy?" I think rifles should be kept up on the canopy shelves for such
occasions. Also I have to contend with hammering away at my layout change trying to get
as much done before my day off when I get called to the manager's office. So thinking
I've done something wrong I carried on with my job in hand and went in my own good time.
Maybe I was getting fired? Maybe they've read this blog? Eeek. No all he wanted me
to do was find the theme tune to Blockbusters and Mastermind for him. Oh yeah I'll get
right on that then. I think rifles should be kept in the canteen for such occasions.

Are women's mags the same all the world over or are they just vacuous in this country?
I mean I was bored in the laundrette watching my smalls ('bigs' really, sadly) going
through the cycles and had nothing to do so scanned quickly through Now, Best and Chat
and some others with single syllable titles and women in fake tan splashed all over the
pages and it was all gossip and inane bollocks like that. I mean does anyone really
care if Sienna Miller is losing wieght, Colene McCulloch is going shopping or Chantelle
from Big Brother is getting it from that bloke from the ordinary boys? I know I
certainly don't. I hope that whoever stole the decent mags from the laundromat has the
decency to take them back (Note to self remember to take back Top gear magazine).

Why have customers started to mime things to me? Someone actually mimed putting on
headphones whilst asking for them. Have I suddenly become Marcel Marceau? What would
she have done to ask for bandages or a hammer? Maybe she was the mime? Had I stuck
around for the trapped in an invisible box, walking against a strong wind or eating a
banana I may have enjoyed it more. Thank christ she didn't need tampons.

Tonight's posts are The Jam - Extras and Paul Weller's Stanley Road Which is my
favourite Weller related album

http://rapidshare.de/files/16098865/TJ-E.rar.html The Jam Extras

http://rapidshare.de/files/16102041/PW-SR.rar.html Paul Weller Stanley Road

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