11 Feb 2006

"You're looking at the world through lace curtains, would they like you oput there? You're not certain." There are several mysteries I really can't fathom out, I'm not talking about the obvious ones like "where do flies go in the winter?" & "Why don't dogs understand where thier own flatulence comes from?". Or "Why don't women recognise a good thing when I beg them for sex?" Not even "How the hell did Bush and/or Blair get voted back in?" The biggy that really 'does my head in', (to use the chav vernacular), is how comes rain falls onto the countryside centuries ago. It slowly sinks into the soil absorbing nutrients, passing it's way through rocks combining minerals into it's make up and finally it will make its way along underground rivers and streams into bottling plants. It's seen governments come and go, wars start and end, empires rise and fall. It's witness to countless fashion changes and diseases, invasions and innumerable other things. That is to say it is even older than Cliff Richard, why then after hundreds of years journey does it need a 'sell by date' as soon as it gets put in a bottle? Strange that. And why do you never see a broken down AA van?
Tonight's wonderful post is More specials repost and the video clips to The Specials too as well as also.
http://rapidshare.de/files/12827575/7243-537699-0-1.rar.html More Specials

http://rapidshare.de/files/13055930/Spesh.txt.html Specials Video link

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