1 Feb 2006

"All you punks and all you teds keep on fighting until you're dead."

Forgive me father it's been a week since my last post, in that time I have thought impure thoughts (especially about Alison Goldfrapp), I've coveted around ten gigs of mp3s and I've been unfaithful to my blog. In pennance I shall say three Hail and Hearties and two how's yer father's.
Anyway today's posts are the Specials eponymous first album remastered and The Complete BBC Sessions. Also I've put up the converted cd from a band Called Bigshot whom I used to knock about with just in case you'd want a pub/ska band. Probably not but it's there if you want it. For me it's just old man's nostalgia. Next stop Classic Gold on the radio and Seven Seas cod liver oil and smelling of urine, ick. The Specials was first given to me by my mate Podge who said "Ere listen to this." in his thick Norfolk accent, he gave me the album minus the sleeve as he wanted to keep it on his wall. It did have however have the cover to Oi! the album reversed and The Specials written on it in black felt tip so that was ok.
Also posted the complete BBC Sessions cd from The Specials.

Bigshot (In the Picture) was a local Ska band that I used to knock about with and we had some pretty good times but like all good things they must end before we appreciate them. It's worth a download just to get a listen. It was fun sometimes they played to hundreds and sometimes to three but we always had a laugh and enjoyed the crack. The picture I've posted was from the 'infamous' battle of the bands where they thought they had a 20 minute warm up which turned out to be the entire set. Needless to say they lost to some bollocks called 'Red Ash and The Love Commandoes' which I seem to remember was utter drivel like Kate Bush backed by a pet shop boys tribute band doing Cocteau twins covers. It was the Academy in those days and it's now the Slinky club.

http://rapidshare.de/files/12298394/7243-5-37697-0-3.rar.html Specials http://rapidshare.de/files/12235543/7243-4-97791-2-9.part1.rar.html Specials Sessions
http://rapidshare.de/files/12303896/BH-Ska.rar.html Bigshot 'Greatest Hits'


chico said...

Hey thanks for the specials BBC, but the 1st album got killed. Can you repost?

PS. Sorry, I don't know how to rip from the DVD thing for the Specials vids, but the Jam might be lovely.

Thanks again.

Dammers said...

Many thx for the bbc sessions, i would be eternally grateful if you could post the selecter album "celebrate the bullet". Nice to see a ska blog for a change :)

TheUpsetter1969 said...

Hmmmm 'Celebrate the bullet'? I don't know if I've got that but I will search. Will repost the Specials album tonight. The Specials Vids may be on thier merry way if I win the vhs on ebay that is. Does anyone want a conversion of Madstock?

indy said...

The Specials - Stereo-Typical, A's B's and Rarities -3CD box
The Specials - Live At The Moonlight Club 1979

Please repost these again and The Specials is BEST.

Thanks in advance.

rhif1son said...

The Beeb Session rule, but debut got killed :( any chance of a 'vive?