17 Jan 2006

"When I meet an attractive woman I have to pretend I've no desire to make love to her."

Well here I am a couple of days into my week off and already the bile induced by customers dumb fucks has left my body (almost). My frame of mind has gone from fig 1 to fig 2 above. Spend most of the day uploading a huge amount of Madness albums which shall be shared with you my beloved readers when I've finished the task. Today you'll have to make do with Some half man Half biscuit gems I found a while back in one of my many phases that I go through of liking a different band. By the way has anyone seen my Elastica cd it's not in my cd case and I'm sure I haven't lost it as it hardly ever leaves the house. Maybe I'm going radio rental as I also swore that I had Oasis' debut on cd but do you think I can find it? Really annoying too as I wanted to hear Shakermaker but there you go. Just like the lousy buses I have to get to work it'll turn up eventually. I won't worry as I said earlier I'm all serene and shit due to the lack off dumb ass questions. I expect all my colleagues are frought and haggered beyond belief but there you go. I also expect to go in on Mundane Monday morning and find my hard work is all undone as my dishevelled assistant crawls from the smouldering wreckage of my once tidy department crying and rocking backward and forward on her knees saying things under her breath in a manic way as she is lead away to the awaiting ambulance but right now I am a fluffy kitten, I must go now as I need to crap in a box and chase some wool.


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