22 Jan 2006

"There's A Man I Know, At Least I Used To years Ago."

Well, that's that then, the end of my lovely week off. Tomorrow its back to work and all those dumbass customers with thier mind numbing questions and teeth destroying odours. I've enjoyed my week off and am now looking forward to my retirement, (now that I'm about to clear my debts with the banks etc I no longer have to work until I drop). Oh well the efforts of the sandals and rainbow jumper brigade failed to save the whale in the Thames (Lisa Riley) obviously thier collective chi's weren't centered or maybe the crystals weren't aligned properly? Never mind plenty more whales in the sea, as they say. Callous I'll grant you but then you try facing the hordes of mindless zombies in my shop and you see if you give a crap, now where can I get a gun?


Here we have the three remaining volumes of Madness Nutty Sounds, (I'll re up volume 1 for you all soon as I do the other big video post that I'm in the middle of),all tracks from 12" vinyl source and demos solo stuff and those awful dance remixes from the late nineties. I haven't included the sleeves as whoever designed them omitted some tracks and misspelt others. So have fun and do what I did design your own in Nero Cover Designer. :)

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