11 Jan 2006

Mega posting in the absence of a social/sex life :(

A bit of a departure here for me as I've made the discovery of how to split archives and therefore upload bigger files (mwah ha ha ha) Sorry for the maniacal laughter there but the power is going to my head. This is the first single from 'Big Audio Dynamite - The Bottom Line' from the first album 'This is Big Audio Dynamite' (1985).
http://rapidshare.de/files/10845727/BADBL.part6.rar.html (password = theupsetter)

The first compilation from Madness 1982's Complete Madness an album that my friends Simon, Gavin and me wore out on regular occassions on various record players. In fact I seem to remeber pre empting the idea of an Amazon wishlist by using the gatefold sleeve as a catalogue. This was twenty years before I had access to eBay too so as you could imagine I've spent quite a bit of money on that site too.


First step beyond is a Madness bootleg of dubious origins. It has many unaired and unreleased
tracks from studio sources and was rumoured to be stolen from the personal collection of one Mr
Cathal Smyth or Chas Smash for the uninformed. I personally would have been able to get by without all the Radio 2 Jingles but there you go. Nice to hear the unreleased tracks though, I think they'd have made a decent album if they'd been done properly. And yet the afformentioned Chas Smash says there are no unreleased gems in the vaults....hmmmmm I think there must be and here is some proof to that fact. Maybe an album of this kind of stuff have been preferable to the dire offering of Dangermen Sessions? Unfortunately it's split into only two parts and I've posted the covers. I thought that the original front cover was poor in design so I've included my own with the back from the original as I can't be bothered typing.


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