19 Jan 2006

"Is happiness real or am I so jaded?"

Here we are at last 20 albums of Madness' back catalogue. All in chronological order all in 192 kbps all for your pleasure....what a nice man I am. Well the saga of my missing Elastica cd was solved when I found it in my coat that I haven't worn for around 12 months. Not as I first thought stolen by magic pixies. You may scoff but they are a real threat to the fabric of our society. They no longer have to make shoes for elderly gentlemen in ramshackle cobblers what with 24 hour manufacturing, cheap far east labour and everything. The Chinese markets for one have constantly undercut the wage structure in pixieland which lead to industrial action by trade unions and alliances formed with troll unions came to nought. So now all they have to do is get drunk and hide cds as this week shows. You think I'm making this up? Ever wondered where your socks go? Or the biro that you bought?

http://rapidshare.de/files/11483537/7.rar.html (Another New Link The Last two were trolled).

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