13 Jan 2006

"Infamy! infamy! they've all got in fer me."

I've come up with a scheme to get rich quick, now unlike other get rich quick schemes this one will make me rich and quickly. What it is is when you're out and about in the woods going for a walk or just down the high street, you suddenly feel thirsty but there's nowhere to get a drink from. Well then you reach for my new invention "Dehydrated water, just add water to taste" I think it's a winner. It'll certainly be better than my last idea a 'Park and Ride' bus scheme for gay people to take them to their clubs called 'Drive - Shaft'.

Anyway on to the posts for today, here is yet another Big Audio Dynamite video for your delight and delectation ooooh Someone found the Thesaurus (Write noxt tu tha spill chocker). This time it's E=MC 2 which was the first song that I heard by B.A.D. wafting around on the air one summer evening in '86 as I listened to Annie Nightingale on a sunday evening.

The Second is Blur Live in Paris 19-May-93 as I've rediscovered Parklife at the moment an
and I'm getting all nostalgic and misty eyed at the reminisces of a rapidly aging grumpy old man. I used to get nostalgic, (but not misty eyed), for the Two Tone era but now I can't remember that far back. Besides nostalgia is not what it used to be.

http://rapidshare.de/files/10996002/BADEMC.part2.rar.html B.A.D
http://rapidshare.de/files/10997709/BADEMC.part3.rar.html (password = theupsetter)

http://rapidshare.de/files/10990390/BLP-19-05-93.rar.html Blur (no Password)

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