2 Jan 2006

"I dreamt of you last night and I fell out of bed twice"

In 1983 before the release of their debut album, produced by John Porter, the band recorded an album produced by the former Teardrop Explodes guitarist Troy Tate and then never released. Locked in a vault for years it would surface again on the interweb where some fat ex skinhead found it languishing and decided to upload for all to share, with extra tracks from an old concert from around the same time. I've included the covers for both the albums as I've discovered that it's a whole bootleg and not just a trunkated one as I thought. So Basically you get two for the price of one and the covers thrown it to boot. Not feeling 'ranty' today due to two days off from work and not having to deal with the idiots, sorry, customers for the last 48 hours has put me in a slightly better mood...not by much as I'm a miserable git by nature. Plus god (who I refuse to believe in) has yet to give me the opportunity to prove that wealth would not spoil me.



p said...

Absolute top quality...

Thanks so much.

TheUpsetter1969 said...

No problem P glad to be of service.