14 Jan 2006

"I don't care I'm on holiday"

Only the two posts tonight as I'm off work for the next eight days and I'll make up for it. That means no more customers with their stupid questions like when you are stood there in a company t-shirt with the name emblazoned across it twice and a badge the same and putting stock on the shelf and they ask if "you work here"? No more holding my breath whilst they talk to me to guard against the odour that will take the enamel off your teeth at thirty paces. No more having to put my products back in the right place because it's been five minutes and they can't remember where they got them from. Also certainly no more "Does this sticker CLEARLY STATING half marked price mean half the marked price?" as regular readers now this really gets my goat. No more having to wipe the floor because my customers have dragged their knuckles all around the shop. No more watching out for the drug casualties trying to come in and nick the wierdest things ever. I mean a 29p packet of seeds what the hell is that about? No more being given too much to do by a certain manager of ours, mentioning no names but, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!!!

Appropriately enough on the radio at the moment is 'Dead Kennedys - Kill the poor' our theme tune in the shop :) Oh well it'll be over in a week and then I'll be back to the wonderful confines
of my job. The posts today are The Who live at the Marquee from 1964 very good quality bootleg for the age of it. The other is Underworld - Everything everything (Young person's rockula music that they play down their diskothecks),a great album that really begs to be belted out at full volume.
http://rapidshare.de/files/11050117/UnWorE-E.rar.html Neither are passworded


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