10 Jan 2006

"I am smokin' a fag"

Well I've taken a chill pill and calmed down from the other day. Sorry about that it was just too many bloody people asking stupid questions at work such as "Do I need a different set of jump leads as I've got a diesel?" and "Where are your electric lightbulbs?" I always tell them "They're over by the gas and the water lightbulbs." They never see the funny side, also I'm fed up with holding my breath whilst they prattle on due to the fact that at the least they need a breath mint, or washing and in some cases burning as they are too far gone and the shock of being clean may kill them, with any luck. One case, we'll call him Mr.Stinky for reasons only the dead couldn't smell him, during the retail Christmas period (Sometime between 1st Oct and 31st Dec) :( he asked me some questions regarding the product he was willing to buy and I let fly behind his back with half a bottle of Diesel aftershave and it didn't even dent the smell. Funny how people are willing to spend over £100 on toys that Mungo their inbred child may break with his chained fists ala Boris karloff in Frankenstein but they forget to buy a 20p bar of soap. As Jim Morrisson once sang "People are Strange" he must have worked in retail.

Tonight's offerings are two early Madness albums for you to enjoy, Absolutely and Seven. I haven't heard these for a while due to the fact I've been listening to young person's rockula music that they play down their discothecks recently so I 'm listening to these anew, They are even better in 5.1 Surround sound much better than my tinny old record player and worn out vinyl in the dark ages (Norfolk in the 1980's).


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