20 Jan 2006

"I ain't had a woman in years, My palms are too hairy to hide."

Only wrote that because 'My name is' by Emininininemem is on the radio at the mo'. Or to be more precise my brand new DAB radio with alarm clock facility, goodbye Chris Moyles and your lousy sense of 'humour' no longer do I have to listen to his awful awful voice coming through the tinny speaker on my old Sony clock radio. I feel good to quote James brown, apart from puking in the night that is and wandering around like I've got a hangover. In my vegetative state I went out this morning to get my radio and I became that which I hate, one of my zombie like customers. I walk into Dixons ask an assistant if they have this item which I printed out on my pc. Hmmmmm well there it was right behind me not more than a foot away. Damn it's a narrow margin between genius and madness, whoever said that was a very wise man indeed, as I've proven this very morning. Maybe all my customers are Nobel prize winners outside my shop? The leggings hoopy earrings and smell are all just to put me off the track obviously.

A whale has swum up the Thames apparently before we all panic and call out all those hippies in thier rainbow jumpers etc and talk to the whale about "Y'know why it feels necessarry to swim up the Thames?" perhaps we should not see if it is actually TV 'personality' Lisa Riley in a swimsuit?

Madness rarities here for your download pleasure, 12" mixes etc on Nutty Sounds volume 1 (Volumes 2-4 later on)



TheUpsetter1969 said...

track listing
Cardiac Arrest (12 inch Version)
Our House (Extended Version)
Tomorrow's (Just Another Day)(12 inch Warp Mix)
Wings Of A Dove (Blue train Mix)
The Sun And The Rain (Extended Version)
Michael Caine (Extended Version)
Yesterday's Men (12 inch Version)
Uncle Sam (Ray Gun Mix)
Sweetest Girl (Extended Mix)
Seven Year Scratch (Hits Mix)
Yesterday's Men (Demo Version)
Uncle Sam (Demo Version)
Sweetest Girl (Dub Mix)

skatso said...

I had to register with this damn blogspot thingy just to say THANKS for all the great Madness records you posted. That is weird about that whale.

TheUpsetter1969 said...

no problem I hope you enjoy the madness stuff as I have about 45 more bootlegs to share at some point.

p said...


would much rather see lisa riley floating up ANY river than some poor whale though....

keep up the good work!!!