8 Jan 2006

"Happy war Xmas is over"

Well thank fcuk fer that, another yuletide season is over and done with. Just time to recycle the cards and then it'll be easter. Oh joy, I suppose at least we don't get to spend inordinate amounts of cash on presents for ungrateful children who break the well thought out and considered gifts within days sometimes hours. Just loads of chocolate for the hyperactive little buggers. I dunno maybe I'm feeling all beligerent towards everything due to fact I've discovered that all that love crap is bullshit made up by stupid women with nothing better to do. Still at least if I'm to be eternally single I'll not have to watch bleeding soap operas or celebrity big brother et al. Would that come under beligerence or Mysoginy? Anyhoo on to today's post before I start ranting again. The Clash - Live New Jersey 1982 and a repost of The Smiths - English Roses. Hope that you enjoy these two posts. remember that loving a beautiful woman is like looking into a Ferrari garage, you can drool all you want, you're never gonna get one'.

http://rapidshare.de/files/10542202/C-NJ-82.rar.html (The Clash New Jersey '82)

http://rapidshare.de/files/10537088/1984-03-12.rar.html (The Smiths Repost)

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p said...

Well, once again I'm indebted to you....

Next please!