18 Jan 2006

"Bernie Rhodes knows don't argue."
Well there you go another exciting day in the life of me. Spent most of it uploading files to the interweb and wishing I had a different bank so I'd have money to go out. Although it wasn't all boring As I got mentioned by Tom Robinson twice on BBC 6 Music, the first time he accused me of sexism and then he read out my just as funny second email. Well I may have been sexist but you know it was because I go all unnecessary when it comes to Justine Frischmann from Elastica. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm oh sorry I went off on one there, I'm off to buy a new DAB clock radio in a day or two so that I no longer have to wake up to unfunny fat git Chris Moyles on Radio One anymore. I only get half an hour of him before I leave the house anyway but it's still enough to annoy me for the whole day. I suppose I could just tune to Radio 2 but i just don't feel that old, I mean let's face it that's one step away from Classic Gold. I suppose I'm traumatised as I had a radio cassette walkman back in the day and it got stuck on Radio 2 so as I walked the back lanes of North Norfolk between RAF Coltishall and Norwich all I could get was bloody Jimmy Young or Gloria Hunniford playing Matt Munro or some such old shit from before even I was spawned. I can't even bring myself to tune into the nineties' greatest DJ Mark radcliffe, (sadly no longer working with Lard), on his Radio 2 show. I'm just not ready for the cardigan, pipe and slippers just yet thank you. Mmmmmmmmm Justine Frischmann sorry just had a flashback there. Tonight's post I know I said it was going to be Madness but I haven't finished uploading yet sorry so here's the Specials and Selecter live in the meantime.



s said...

Thanks for all the great uploads you've been sharing. Do you have any details (track list, for instance) on this one?

TheUpsetter1969 said...

1. Murder - The Selecter
2. Out On The Streets Again - The Selecter
3. The James Bond Theme - The Selecter
4. Carry Go Bring Come - The Selecter
5. Street Feeling - The Selecter
6. Everyday Things Are Getting Worse - The Selecter
7. They Make Me Mad - The Selecter
8. Too Much Pressure - The Selecter
9. Dawning Of A New Era - The Specials
10. Do The Dog - The Specials
11. Rat Race - The Specials
12. Blank Expression - The Specials
13. Rude Boys Out Of Jail - The Specials
14. Concrete Jungle - The Specials
15. Too Much Too Young - The Specials
16. Nite Klub - The Specials
17. Gangsters - The Specials
18. Longshot Kicked De Bucket - The Specials

Hope this helps covers are included btw