27 Jan 2006

"All this talk of getting old is dragging me down my love."

Well it's amazing a world of calm has descended upon my shop. there are still the idiots who can't control their limbs as they stand there knocking items from my recently tidied shelves, but I'm taking the advice of all those concerned and refraining from excessive ranting and gnashing of teeth. I suppose it helps that it's pay day and I actually got there before the Abbey National bank. My god a whole pay packet to myself what're the odds? Usually the Abbey Nazi tional see how much you've earned, think of a number, double it and then adds a factor of three and withdraw it all laughing maniacally. Not this time matey boy, "yoink!" I said as I went to the atm. Which is suprising as the local bus company decided that I needed the excercise as much as they needed the sleep and made me walk in the freezing cold this morning. I should've had one of those Ready Brek radioactive glows that porridge eating kids used to have in the '70's adverts. Still calm calm calm, and I get an extra day off next week woo hoo. I get two more mornings where I ignore the freezing temperatures and stay under my snuggly fleece blanket and winter 16 tog duvet with heater going full tilt, (Global warming my arse). I shall no doubt be testing my new pillows to the max in the next few days. See? A whole post and no ranting, what's happened to the real me? Maybe I blew an angry fuse? P{ossibly it's because our manager was asleep, sorry, "doing paperwork" in his office most of the day? Maybe I'm cream crakered from all that Clash induced air guitar when watching Rude Boy the other night? Who knows? It may not last for long so make the most of it. As it stands not even listening to Tatu covering 'How Soon Is Now?' would piss me off.

Tonights posts are Franz Ferdinand doing 'Take me out' on a UK telly programme, the second is my favourite Specials album, although technically its not the The Specials, but the Special AKA 'In the studio' from 1984. This album was played to death in my old art classes at school back in the day and a gorgeous blonde girl who loved the album too but I can't remember her name (it's me age). We didn't have much just some pencils a tape player and a desire to rid the world of the emporer palpatine and her Tory party, no sorry that's wrong, Mrs Thatcher and her evil empire. Anyway it was a sadly much ignored album and introduced me to a wider spectrum of
music instead of all that 2-Tone vinyl that I'd worn out. Anyway enough of the nostalgia (it's not what it used to be), here's the music.

http://rapidshare.de/files/11795753/FF-TMO-CD-UK.part1.rar.html http://rapidshare.de/files/11796819/FF-TMO-CD-UK.part2.rar.html
pw = theupsetter
Franz Ferdinand 132mb mpeg file

http://rapidshare.de/files/11979582/CHS-TT5008.rar.html The Special AKA In The Studio

No Password

23 Jan 2006

"What is your major malfunction numb nuts?"

It took all of half an hour this morning before some dumb ass pissed me off. I have in my department 10 metres of shelving with paint 15 different colours on each metre, then along the other side of the aisle I have paint rollers, wood care, varnishes and then more paint. So all in all it's paint all the way , you can't see anything but paint whichever way you look is what I'm saying. Some old woman bimbles up to me and asks me if "This is the bathroom section?" Whilst my face was picture of incredulity and politeness my mind was screaming at her in the style of Lee Ermey from Full Metal Jacket "You had better unfuck yourself or I will unscrew your head and shit down your neck!!!!" & " It looks to me like the best part of you ran down the crack in your momma's ass and ended up as a brown stain on the matress." God I hate them I want a decent job where I sell crap I like I mean who gives a crap about screws nails etc? Certainly not I, pray to lottery gods for me people, the more time I get off away from work the more lovely goodies I can post for you. Speaking of which Tonights is The (English) Beat's Greatest hits video, download it and burn it to a vcd. It's been transfered from an old vhs cassette I have by sticking it on some wood and banging a few nails in it.

http://rapidshare.de/files/11688203/G-4572-oi_23.rar.html (Text File for the real link)


22 Jan 2006

"There's A Man I Know, At Least I Used To years Ago."

Well, that's that then, the end of my lovely week off. Tomorrow its back to work and all those dumbass customers with thier mind numbing questions and teeth destroying odours. I've enjoyed my week off and am now looking forward to my retirement, (now that I'm about to clear my debts with the banks etc I no longer have to work until I drop). Oh well the efforts of the sandals and rainbow jumper brigade failed to save the whale in the Thames (Lisa Riley) obviously thier collective chi's weren't centered or maybe the crystals weren't aligned properly? Never mind plenty more whales in the sea, as they say. Callous I'll grant you but then you try facing the hordes of mindless zombies in my shop and you see if you give a crap, now where can I get a gun?


Here we have the three remaining volumes of Madness Nutty Sounds, (I'll re up volume 1 for you all soon as I do the other big video post that I'm in the middle of),all tracks from 12" vinyl source and demos solo stuff and those awful dance remixes from the late nineties. I haven't included the sleeves as whoever designed them omitted some tracks and misspelt others. So have fun and do what I did design your own in Nero Cover Designer. :)

20 Jan 2006

"I ain't had a woman in years, My palms are too hairy to hide."

Only wrote that because 'My name is' by Emininininemem is on the radio at the mo'. Or to be more precise my brand new DAB radio with alarm clock facility, goodbye Chris Moyles and your lousy sense of 'humour' no longer do I have to listen to his awful awful voice coming through the tinny speaker on my old Sony clock radio. I feel good to quote James brown, apart from puking in the night that is and wandering around like I've got a hangover. In my vegetative state I went out this morning to get my radio and I became that which I hate, one of my zombie like customers. I walk into Dixons ask an assistant if they have this item which I printed out on my pc. Hmmmmm well there it was right behind me not more than a foot away. Damn it's a narrow margin between genius and madness, whoever said that was a very wise man indeed, as I've proven this very morning. Maybe all my customers are Nobel prize winners outside my shop? The leggings hoopy earrings and smell are all just to put me off the track obviously.

A whale has swum up the Thames apparently before we all panic and call out all those hippies in thier rainbow jumpers etc and talk to the whale about "Y'know why it feels necessarry to swim up the Thames?" perhaps we should not see if it is actually TV 'personality' Lisa Riley in a swimsuit?

Madness rarities here for your download pleasure, 12" mixes etc on Nutty Sounds volume 1 (Volumes 2-4 later on)


19 Jan 2006

"Is happiness real or am I so jaded?"

Here we are at last 20 albums of Madness' back catalogue. All in chronological order all in 192 kbps all for your pleasure....what a nice man I am. Well the saga of my missing Elastica cd was solved when I found it in my coat that I haven't worn for around 12 months. Not as I first thought stolen by magic pixies. You may scoff but they are a real threat to the fabric of our society. They no longer have to make shoes for elderly gentlemen in ramshackle cobblers what with 24 hour manufacturing, cheap far east labour and everything. The Chinese markets for one have constantly undercut the wage structure in pixieland which lead to industrial action by trade unions and alliances formed with troll unions came to nought. So now all they have to do is get drunk and hide cds as this week shows. You think I'm making this up? Ever wondered where your socks go? Or the biro that you bought?

http://rapidshare.de/files/11483537/7.rar.html (Another New Link The Last two were trolled).

18 Jan 2006

"Bernie Rhodes knows don't argue."
Well there you go another exciting day in the life of me. Spent most of it uploading files to the interweb and wishing I had a different bank so I'd have money to go out. Although it wasn't all boring As I got mentioned by Tom Robinson twice on BBC 6 Music, the first time he accused me of sexism and then he read out my just as funny second email. Well I may have been sexist but you know it was because I go all unnecessary when it comes to Justine Frischmann from Elastica. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm oh sorry I went off on one there, I'm off to buy a new DAB clock radio in a day or two so that I no longer have to wake up to unfunny fat git Chris Moyles on Radio One anymore. I only get half an hour of him before I leave the house anyway but it's still enough to annoy me for the whole day. I suppose I could just tune to Radio 2 but i just don't feel that old, I mean let's face it that's one step away from Classic Gold. I suppose I'm traumatised as I had a radio cassette walkman back in the day and it got stuck on Radio 2 so as I walked the back lanes of North Norfolk between RAF Coltishall and Norwich all I could get was bloody Jimmy Young or Gloria Hunniford playing Matt Munro or some such old shit from before even I was spawned. I can't even bring myself to tune into the nineties' greatest DJ Mark radcliffe, (sadly no longer working with Lard), on his Radio 2 show. I'm just not ready for the cardigan, pipe and slippers just yet thank you. Mmmmmmmmm Justine Frischmann sorry just had a flashback there. Tonight's post I know I said it was going to be Madness but I haven't finished uploading yet sorry so here's the Specials and Selecter live in the meantime.


17 Jan 2006

"When I meet an attractive woman I have to pretend I've no desire to make love to her."

Well here I am a couple of days into my week off and already the bile induced by customers dumb fucks has left my body (almost). My frame of mind has gone from fig 1 to fig 2 above. Spend most of the day uploading a huge amount of Madness albums which shall be shared with you my beloved readers when I've finished the task. Today you'll have to make do with Some half man Half biscuit gems I found a while back in one of my many phases that I go through of liking a different band. By the way has anyone seen my Elastica cd it's not in my cd case and I'm sure I haven't lost it as it hardly ever leaves the house. Maybe I'm going radio rental as I also swore that I had Oasis' debut on cd but do you think I can find it? Really annoying too as I wanted to hear Shakermaker but there you go. Just like the lousy buses I have to get to work it'll turn up eventually. I won't worry as I said earlier I'm all serene and shit due to the lack off dumb ass questions. I expect all my colleagues are frought and haggered beyond belief but there you go. I also expect to go in on Mundane Monday morning and find my hard work is all undone as my dishevelled assistant crawls from the smouldering wreckage of my once tidy department crying and rocking backward and forward on her knees saying things under her breath in a manic way as she is lead away to the awaiting ambulance but right now I am a fluffy kitten, I must go now as I need to crap in a box and chase some wool.


14 Jan 2006

"I don't care I'm on holiday"

Only the two posts tonight as I'm off work for the next eight days and I'll make up for it. That means no more customers with their stupid questions like when you are stood there in a company t-shirt with the name emblazoned across it twice and a badge the same and putting stock on the shelf and they ask if "you work here"? No more holding my breath whilst they talk to me to guard against the odour that will take the enamel off your teeth at thirty paces. No more having to put my products back in the right place because it's been five minutes and they can't remember where they got them from. Also certainly no more "Does this sticker CLEARLY STATING half marked price mean half the marked price?" as regular readers now this really gets my goat. No more having to wipe the floor because my customers have dragged their knuckles all around the shop. No more watching out for the drug casualties trying to come in and nick the wierdest things ever. I mean a 29p packet of seeds what the hell is that about? No more being given too much to do by a certain manager of ours, mentioning no names but, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!!!

Appropriately enough on the radio at the moment is 'Dead Kennedys - Kill the poor' our theme tune in the shop :) Oh well it'll be over in a week and then I'll be back to the wonderful confines
of my job. The posts today are The Who live at the Marquee from 1964 very good quality bootleg for the age of it. The other is Underworld - Everything everything (Young person's rockula music that they play down their diskothecks),a great album that really begs to be belted out at full volume.
http://rapidshare.de/files/11050117/UnWorE-E.rar.html Neither are passworded


13 Jan 2006

"Infamy! infamy! they've all got in fer me."

I've come up with a scheme to get rich quick, now unlike other get rich quick schemes this one will make me rich and quickly. What it is is when you're out and about in the woods going for a walk or just down the high street, you suddenly feel thirsty but there's nowhere to get a drink from. Well then you reach for my new invention "Dehydrated water, just add water to taste" I think it's a winner. It'll certainly be better than my last idea a 'Park and Ride' bus scheme for gay people to take them to their clubs called 'Drive - Shaft'.

Anyway on to the posts for today, here is yet another Big Audio Dynamite video for your delight and delectation ooooh Someone found the Thesaurus (Write noxt tu tha spill chocker). This time it's E=MC 2 which was the first song that I heard by B.A.D. wafting around on the air one summer evening in '86 as I listened to Annie Nightingale on a sunday evening.

The Second is Blur Live in Paris 19-May-93 as I've rediscovered Parklife at the moment an
and I'm getting all nostalgic and misty eyed at the reminisces of a rapidly aging grumpy old man. I used to get nostalgic, (but not misty eyed), for the Two Tone era but now I can't remember that far back. Besides nostalgia is not what it used to be.

http://rapidshare.de/files/10996002/BADEMC.part2.rar.html B.A.D
http://rapidshare.de/files/10997709/BADEMC.part3.rar.html (password = theupsetter)

http://rapidshare.de/files/10990390/BLP-19-05-93.rar.html Blur (no Password)

11 Jan 2006

"You work in shirt with your nametag on it, drifting apart like a plate tectonic."

Tonight's offering is a request from the forum wot I'm on. More Specials by The Specials another album that in it's day was belted out around the caravan parks by a tape recorder strapped to the handle bars of my bike. Funnily enough especially the Pearl's Cafe track. Hearing this album again reminds me of those long ago long cold grey summer months in the 80's as I filled my time whilst waitnig to grow up and leave home asap. This album was a more drastic departure than any other second album as I've heard in my life. It roams the musical spectrum more widely than most albums ranging from Ska, Rockabilly, lounge music, even supermarket muzak. Still Our undivided loyalty to all things Two Tone didn't waver until t he 'Friday club' in '85 when they supported Madness on the Mad not Mad Tour. But they were bland and anyway I digress (which is a female digre), More Specials is often cited as one of those 'lost' albums which to my mind is stupid as it's always been in my collection in one form or another.

http://rapidshare.de/files/10856795/SpeMorSpe.rar.html More Specials
http://rapidshare.de/files/10866107/M7.rar.html new Madness seven post
http://rapidshare.de/files/10858879/Madtely.rar.html New Madness Absolutely post
http://rapidshare.de/files/10868910/2ToneDC.rar.html Various Artists Dance Craze

Mega posting in the absence of a social/sex life :(

A bit of a departure here for me as I've made the discovery of how to split archives and therefore upload bigger files (mwah ha ha ha) Sorry for the maniacal laughter there but the power is going to my head. This is the first single from 'Big Audio Dynamite - The Bottom Line' from the first album 'This is Big Audio Dynamite' (1985).
http://rapidshare.de/files/10845727/BADBL.part6.rar.html (password = theupsetter)

The first compilation from Madness 1982's Complete Madness an album that my friends Simon, Gavin and me wore out on regular occassions on various record players. In fact I seem to remeber pre empting the idea of an Amazon wishlist by using the gatefold sleeve as a catalogue. This was twenty years before I had access to eBay too so as you could imagine I've spent quite a bit of money on that site too.


First step beyond is a Madness bootleg of dubious origins. It has many unaired and unreleased
tracks from studio sources and was rumoured to be stolen from the personal collection of one Mr
Cathal Smyth or Chas Smash for the uninformed. I personally would have been able to get by without all the Radio 2 Jingles but there you go. Nice to hear the unreleased tracks though, I think they'd have made a decent album if they'd been done properly. And yet the afformentioned Chas Smash says there are no unreleased gems in the vaults....hmmmmm I think there must be and here is some proof to that fact. Maybe an album of this kind of stuff have been preferable to the dire offering of Dangermen Sessions? Unfortunately it's split into only two parts and I've posted the covers. I thought that the original front cover was poor in design so I've included my own with the back from the original as I can't be bothered typing.


10 Jan 2006

"I am smokin' a fag"

Well I've taken a chill pill and calmed down from the other day. Sorry about that it was just too many bloody people asking stupid questions at work such as "Do I need a different set of jump leads as I've got a diesel?" and "Where are your electric lightbulbs?" I always tell them "They're over by the gas and the water lightbulbs." They never see the funny side, also I'm fed up with holding my breath whilst they prattle on due to the fact that at the least they need a breath mint, or washing and in some cases burning as they are too far gone and the shock of being clean may kill them, with any luck. One case, we'll call him Mr.Stinky for reasons only the dead couldn't smell him, during the retail Christmas period (Sometime between 1st Oct and 31st Dec) :( he asked me some questions regarding the product he was willing to buy and I let fly behind his back with half a bottle of Diesel aftershave and it didn't even dent the smell. Funny how people are willing to spend over £100 on toys that Mungo their inbred child may break with his chained fists ala Boris karloff in Frankenstein but they forget to buy a 20p bar of soap. As Jim Morrisson once sang "People are Strange" he must have worked in retail.

Tonight's offerings are two early Madness albums for you to enjoy, Absolutely and Seven. I haven't heard these for a while due to the fact I've been listening to young person's rockula music that they play down their discothecks recently so I 'm listening to these anew, They are even better in 5.1 Surround sound much better than my tinny old record player and worn out vinyl in the dark ages (Norfolk in the 1980's).


8 Jan 2006

"Happy war Xmas is over"

Well thank fcuk fer that, another yuletide season is over and done with. Just time to recycle the cards and then it'll be easter. Oh joy, I suppose at least we don't get to spend inordinate amounts of cash on presents for ungrateful children who break the well thought out and considered gifts within days sometimes hours. Just loads of chocolate for the hyperactive little buggers. I dunno maybe I'm feeling all beligerent towards everything due to fact I've discovered that all that love crap is bullshit made up by stupid women with nothing better to do. Still at least if I'm to be eternally single I'll not have to watch bleeding soap operas or celebrity big brother et al. Would that come under beligerence or Mysoginy? Anyhoo on to today's post before I start ranting again. The Clash - Live New Jersey 1982 and a repost of The Smiths - English Roses. Hope that you enjoy these two posts. remember that loving a beautiful woman is like looking into a Ferrari garage, you can drool all you want, you're never gonna get one'.

http://rapidshare.de/files/10542202/C-NJ-82.rar.html (The Clash New Jersey '82)

http://rapidshare.de/files/10537088/1984-03-12.rar.html (The Smiths Repost)

2 Jan 2006

"I dreamt of you last night and I fell out of bed twice"

In 1983 before the release of their debut album, produced by John Porter, the band recorded an album produced by the former Teardrop Explodes guitarist Troy Tate and then never released. Locked in a vault for years it would surface again on the interweb where some fat ex skinhead found it languishing and decided to upload for all to share, with extra tracks from an old concert from around the same time. I've included the covers for both the albums as I've discovered that it's a whole bootleg and not just a trunkated one as I thought. So Basically you get two for the price of one and the covers thrown it to boot. Not feeling 'ranty' today due to two days off from work and not having to deal with the idiots, sorry, customers for the last 48 hours has put me in a slightly better mood...not by much as I'm a miserable git by nature. Plus god (who I refuse to believe in) has yet to give me the opportunity to prove that wealth would not spoil me.