30 Dec 2005

"The wonderful things about Tiggers, are that Tiggers are wonderful things"
It was a wise old Mancunian that once said "I was looking for a job, then I found a job and heaven knows I'm miserable now". He must have had my customers, if one more person points to a sticker that reads 'Half marked price' and asks "Does this mean it's half the marked price?" I swear I'm going to go 'postal' ... If only I'd had the forsight to keep my L1A1 7.62 FNFal rifle from the Army all I would have had to do is plug the gas regulator tap and voila I'd have had an automatic. What would we loose? Just a load of smelly people, ok the sales of leggings and hoopy earrings might suffer slightly but think of the gene pool benefits.

Anyway spleen vented here's tonight's offering to the world of that naughty mp3 sharing that we sometimes read about. A couple of Bootlegs from the Smiths 'Same day again'(1985) and 'Last of the English Roses'(1984) which was found on a forum and deleted so I re uploaded it and included the covers in both 'cause deep down, (VERY deep down), I'm a nice guy...despite wanting to gun down my customers that is, but everyone has to have a hobby.

Covers and alternate covers included.


p said...

---"Does this mean it's half the marked price?" I swear I'm going to go 'postal' ---

Deja vu - got that every day at the mo! Nightmare...

Nice blog, especially for The Smiths stuff.


TheUpsetter1969 said...

I like to share my Smiths collection. Sometime soon I'm going to rip and upload the Troy Tate Sessions which also has a gig from The Brixton Ace 29-06-83 on it.

Sorry Rapidshare Seems to have deleted 'The Last Of The English Roses'

p said...

Got my fingers crossed for the next one(s).....!


(never got English Roses....) :(

TheUpsetter1969 said...

send me your email address for a belated Xmas Present.