15 Dec 2005

"I love the Smell of naplam in the morning"

Today I'm in a great mood (for a change) due to the fact I now have my vcr, dvd and hifi all going through a Dolby pro logic ample-filer. What I hear you ask did I play on this set up to test it? Well as the title of this post hints 'Apocalypse Now:Redux' and the scene where the Helicopters sweep into the village in the early morning to the strains of Wagner's Ride of the valkyries. Oh yeah dolby works. Anyway to the day's postings here is a different version of 'Rat Patrol from Fort Bragg' by the Clash version three supposedly according to the included covers. I prefer the first one I posted but someone on a forum that I'm part of requested so I thought I'd share with you lot as well. Now bugger off whilst I finish watching Redux and remember (appropriately) "Charlie Don't Surf" See? It's topical too...oh well never mind then.


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