27 Dec 2005

"Here I am standing at a bus stop wishing I was somewhere else."

Frozen nads a plenty tonight due to the fact it's taters out there mates and yet again I had to wait for a bus that didn't turn up. I need them rubbing, to get the blood going again you understand? But it won't happen as my imaginary girlfriend has left me. Anyhow fun later, first I gotta write this. Today's offering is the Mighty Madness from the Mad not Mad album era, not as shown, the current karaoke sessions album. Also Here they are in the photo showing their boyband period, forty five year old boyband that is. I was trying to think the other day, (which is much more than my customers can manage), about what it is that has turned me a lifelong fan away from this group. All I could think of was the fact that they just put out an album that was sooooo commercial it just didn't seem like it was anything other than half arsed and a crass attempt to circumvent the process of songwriting. So why should I spend my hardly earned money on a group if they can't be bothered with it? There are plenty of groups around at the mo' that are well worth the effort of going to the shop for. kaiser Chiefs, Franz Ferdinand and The Editors for a start. I've always mantained that there should be mandatory retirement for Rock Stars of around the mid forties, any older an they begin to look like the embarrassing Uncle/Auntie at a wedding who's had one too many. Case in point... Debbie Harry, Tina Turner, Rod Stewart et al And don't even get me started on the Rolling Stones. I mean Kieth Richards 80 years old, face like a scrotum & full head of black hair. Mind you it could be pickled in alcohol he sure has been over the years.


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