30 Dec 2005

"The wonderful things about Tiggers, are that Tiggers are wonderful things"
It was a wise old Mancunian that once said "I was looking for a job, then I found a job and heaven knows I'm miserable now". He must have had my customers, if one more person points to a sticker that reads 'Half marked price' and asks "Does this mean it's half the marked price?" I swear I'm going to go 'postal' ... If only I'd had the forsight to keep my L1A1 7.62 FNFal rifle from the Army all I would have had to do is plug the gas regulator tap and voila I'd have had an automatic. What would we loose? Just a load of smelly people, ok the sales of leggings and hoopy earrings might suffer slightly but think of the gene pool benefits.

Anyway spleen vented here's tonight's offering to the world of that naughty mp3 sharing that we sometimes read about. A couple of Bootlegs from the Smiths 'Same day again'(1985) and 'Last of the English Roses'(1984) which was found on a forum and deleted so I re uploaded it and included the covers in both 'cause deep down, (VERY deep down), I'm a nice guy...despite wanting to gun down my customers that is, but everyone has to have a hobby.

Covers and alternate covers included.

27 Dec 2005

"Here I am standing at a bus stop wishing I was somewhere else."

Frozen nads a plenty tonight due to the fact it's taters out there mates and yet again I had to wait for a bus that didn't turn up. I need them rubbing, to get the blood going again you understand? But it won't happen as my imaginary girlfriend has left me. Anyhow fun later, first I gotta write this. Today's offering is the Mighty Madness from the Mad not Mad album era, not as shown, the current karaoke sessions album. Also Here they are in the photo showing their boyband period, forty five year old boyband that is. I was trying to think the other day, (which is much more than my customers can manage), about what it is that has turned me a lifelong fan away from this group. All I could think of was the fact that they just put out an album that was sooooo commercial it just didn't seem like it was anything other than half arsed and a crass attempt to circumvent the process of songwriting. So why should I spend my hardly earned money on a group if they can't be bothered with it? There are plenty of groups around at the mo' that are well worth the effort of going to the shop for. kaiser Chiefs, Franz Ferdinand and The Editors for a start. I've always mantained that there should be mandatory retirement for Rock Stars of around the mid forties, any older an they begin to look like the embarrassing Uncle/Auntie at a wedding who's had one too many. Case in point... Debbie Harry, Tina Turner, Rod Stewart et al And don't even get me started on the Rolling Stones. I mean Kieth Richards 80 years old, face like a scrotum & full head of black hair. Mind you it could be pickled in alcohol he sure has been over the years.


23 Dec 2005

"I luv yoooo yure my besht friend"
Yes it's the holiday season or in my job the holiday weekend. Each year we in the UK celebrate the life of our Lord and saviour the son of god, Barry, sorry, Jesus Christ (someone else's words not mine atheist swine that I am). Every household will be completely stressed out, Mum pulling her hair out as Dad sits there watching the Great Escape as he ignores her nagging. The have kids opened all the presents that mum and dad have carefully wrapped for hours the previous night within five minutes they are broken. Grandparents sit farting and moaning that "it was much better in thier day etc etc" which of course is bullshit as there were no
PSP's during the war for a start so how could it be better? The British streets will be covered in vomit by Xmas morn from half the population going to parties to get legless and/or 'knocked up'in the true spirit of Christmas.... lucky bastards, ya see dear listener I'm teetotal, it doesn't make you live any longer it just makes it feel like you are. I used to drink and every year I got off with Helena Christensen only to wake up to Anne Widdecombe. For those of you who don't know who they are use google and see the reason for my fearful abstenance. Damn those beer goggles, also I haven't eaten a kebab since stopping drinking beer goggles prevent you from seeing the dead flies stuck to the meat.

Any way rant over on to the music. Today's offering is the excellent 'The Jam - A Bomb in Wardour Street' bootleg with a live gig from 1977 and session tracks from the same year. It's currently in my cd walkman as part of an mp3 disk so I can say it's energetic to say the least. It whiles away the hours spent on a bus each day and drowns out the vacuous talk of the teenagers going to the college, I long for early retirement...about thirty years early if that's ok? I really wish I didn't have to deal with the public, I used to think I was a people person, then I met
them and found I wasn't. Anyway where was I? Oh yes The Jam were of course Paul Weller's first band and started out Punk evolved through Mod and into Soul. Which Paul then carried into the Style Council with added ponciness, unlike many bands called Madness he stopped when he was at the top of his game and never reformed the Jam doing awful covers albums (Solo effort 'Studio 150' not counted). Anyway enjoy The Jam and have a nice and peaceful holiday and I hope Santa brings you who you want sorry what you want. :) (there's only 115 of the person I want in the country according to http://www.yournotme.com/ so supplies are limited) :(


19 Dec 2005

"Don't knock masturbation, it's sex with someone I love"

Well it's getting to be nearly Christmas and I'll have space to move again once all the presents are gone. We'll have the usual dissapointment as we think "Why the fcuk did they buy me that?" It always suprises me that you give someone a list of about 30 ideas in their budget, you print pictures tell them where to buy it or give them access to your amazon wishlist and they still get some random item that you've never even considered wanting. Bloody Victorians, it's them wot started it you know? I think we should go back to giving an orange and some nuts in a stocking and "be grateful you little bastard there are starving children in Africa etc" and shun iPods, PSP's etc. I'd be happy too if the retail world doesn't start the Christmas period on September the first. I have to work there you know? It's no wonder I'm a misery lately or maybe it's my nature? No... it's definitely everyone else. Anyway middle aged grumpy fcuker rant over it's over to the music, which is what this blog's all about rather just me venting my spleen. The first is Velvet Ghost as side project of Mr Chas Smash of Madness fame, not a bad little album a bit Kinks in places. It was never released but streamed over the interweb to which someone unscrupulous in my shoes decided to record it and spread it to others who may like it. A couple of tracks worked their way into the Madness songbook too. I included the sleeve wot I made.

The Second is The Housemartins live at Glastonbury 1986. They bring back lots of good mammaries for me ...sorry memories for me of youth clubs, snogging and groping and lots of alkyhol. Alway used to play this when I fancied a change from Big Audio Dynamite on my walkman. I liked the humour of the group too which I always feel is a big part of being likeable. The biggest memories of this music is the taste of lager and blackcurrant from Emily :)) mixing with my vodka and Guiness..... sorry went away there for some reasons. Ah the blue remembered hills, well pink remembered hills he he.

Anyway the third for all you hippies out there the third post is the Live 8 performance of Pink Floyd, not really a fan but I do like to put on Echoes when I can't get to sleep. Thought I'd diversify the music a little. Anyway the music is free so enjoy it even more.

http://rapidshare.de/files/9474487/VG1.rar.html Velvet Ghost

http://rapidshare.de/files/9479876/THM-Glaston86.rar.html Housemartins

http://rapidshare.de/files/9480841/PF_L8.rar.html Some old farts shuffling onto stage and saying it was much better in thier day etc

15 Dec 2005

"I love the Smell of naplam in the morning"

Today I'm in a great mood (for a change) due to the fact I now have my vcr, dvd and hifi all going through a Dolby pro logic ample-filer. What I hear you ask did I play on this set up to test it? Well as the title of this post hints 'Apocalypse Now:Redux' and the scene where the Helicopters sweep into the village in the early morning to the strains of Wagner's Ride of the valkyries. Oh yeah dolby works. Anyway to the day's postings here is a different version of 'Rat Patrol from Fort Bragg' by the Clash version three supposedly according to the included covers. I prefer the first one I posted but someone on a forum that I'm part of requested so I thought I'd share with you lot as well. Now bugger off whilst I finish watching Redux and remember (appropriately) "Charlie Don't Surf" See? It's topical too...oh well never mind then.


12 Dec 2005

"I am the son and the heir of a shyness that is criminally vulgar"

The Smiths were 'one of those bands' in the eighties that I wasn't particularly into. In fact truth be told I never really got into them until they'd split up. I got a mate to record me a 90 tape (remember those fellow old people?) of the cream of Morrissey and the Smiths and it was a new direction for me, finally I began to move away from the chart pap of the middle eighties and begin to rediscover the well crafted songs. After one incredibly dull journey from Norfolk to Bournemouth via coach I'd become a convert. Morrissey is much misunderstood as just a miserable git but if you delve deeper into the lyrics you see a wry sense of humour.

Lyrics like " I was minding my business Lifting some lead off The roof of the Holy Name church" and "I dreamt of you and I fell out of bed twice" always make me smile and let's face it you can't get a better lyric than "If a ten tonne truck kills the both of us, to die by you side well the pleasure and privilege is mine."

Today's offering is the 'Thank your lucky stars' bootleg from Los Angeles 26-Aug-86. Hope that you enjoy this as I have others.



7 Dec 2005

"It Ain't Coca Cola it's Rice"
Back in the days When I was pootling around in rural Norfolk on my 10 gear racer bike with a tape recorder or small radio strapped to the handle bars. One of the only punk bands I could stand was the Clash albeit just the singles due to my being a two tone fan first and foremost but the band, always on the airwaves of the pirate stations that had re emerged in the eighties, used to (thanks to my bike adornments) waft around the half empty caravan sites and empty shops at as much volume that I could muster from my ever ready batteries. This was one of the Mick
Jones mixed version that the label CBS rejected in favour of the Version you get from the shops co produced by Glyn Johns. Many of these tracks were trunkated for the release. Enjoy I'm off the remember the long cold grey summer days of my youth... and thank god I grew up and escaped!!!


4 Dec 2005

"Salt & pepper people stirred not shaken"

Here we go more B.A.D files. Volume two this time, more gems from the mind of Mick Jones etc. They always remind me of Dime bars and standing on Cromer bus station freezing my nuts off waiting for Eastern Counties Buses to turn up if they felt like it. Maybe if I'd laid off the Dime bars and walked then I wouldn't have the size 36 waist that I do now? Oh well at least my weakness is tasty. Anyway here's the latest update for you to enjoy.