17 Nov 2005

"Your music's shite it keeps me up all night"

Here we have a gig by the duo of Monkey Boy and Monobrow, otherwise known as Oasis. Now I can take them or leave them to be brutally frank. Like the music don't like the 'thick as shit and staying that way' attitude they have. As for all that Blur v Oasis cobblers in the '90's well I bought both so I don't care what the NME tried to stir up. This gig is from Hammersmith odeon. Never been to an Oasis gig (can't stand the sight of Burberry)and not a lot to say about these blokes really I think they are a lot less important in the world of music than most journos you see on those Channel Four 'list' programmes. First two albums were great and then they went downhill for a bit and now up in the middle somewhere with the release of 'Don't believe the truth' of which every song on there reminds me of something else. Still I suppose they aren't Madness with thier Karaoke album. Hope you enjoy the gig. Please leave comments if you do.

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