30 Nov 2005

"In case you're wondering who this funny old bloke is, I'm the one who comes on Radio 1 late at night and plays records made by sulky Belgian art students in basements dying of TB."

I can honestly say that there are very few celebrities that have died and I've been genuinely upset to see pass.
John Peel was the only one I can think of that stopped me in my tracks when I heard the news. I'd grown up listening to Mr Peel from the time I had a cassette/radio recorder in 1978 with a 'deaf aid' style earpiece underneath my Star Wars duvet pretending I went to bed ages ago. I can remember hearing my favourite band madness for the first time on his show and countless others too, including the night John Walters his then producer coming into the studio out of breath and late exclaiming about this new act that he'd seen called Billy Bragg. There many many others over the years some of which you'd heard of and most of which you hadn't. That was the beauty of his show there was so much breadth to the playlist that if you didn't like the track he'd been playing the chances were that you'd like the next one or the one after as they were so diverse that he could appeal to all ages all sexes and all tastes in one show. I mean I hate country music but when He played Laura Cantrell to me I found that Country wasn't all about leaving a no good woman or your dog dying etc. I've tried listening to the three shows that replaced his but even with three different djs it still comes nowhere near to the diversity that one man achieved. Thanks to the modern wonder of the interweb I was able to get a couple of mentions on his show most of which I've mp3'd (yes I'm that sad) and I think I'm mentioned somewhere on this post too. Part one is the best of John Peel from the year 2000, and the other two are from the only two remaining cassettes I have of John. Most of which where 'failed to be returned' along with five years worth of Mark Radcliffe's shows including sessions from the Britpop era's finest bands but let's not get bitter towards my ex friend. The best of post starts with a poignant track called "Please don't talk about me when I'm gone" it was one of the Pig's Big 78's which I thought were a, typically Peel and b, fantastic to listen to. Never great quality but then you young people have been spoiled with your cd's etc. damn your young bones. Anyway hope that you get as much pleasure listening to these shows as I did and still do. When he died it was like losing a favourite relative who'd always been there for you whenever you needed them. And for those of you who don't know (shame on you)http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Peel


"You just made my shitlist"

The first time I heard L7 was going accross the Sandbanks ferry in Tony's knackered old 2 series Beamer. We were on our way to the little town of Swanage to see the band we all used to knock about with called Bigshot, who were a semi adequate Ska band. Whilst we whiled away the long wait for the ferry to clank it's way back accross the water on it's chain Tony changed the tape from the Sepultura one that he'd been boring me with and put L7. At the time there was nowt but crap in the English charts and very little coming through in the way of Ska that I considered any good, I was getting no end of free cds due to my Fanzine 'The Upsetter' (Hence the name of the blog folks) but unfortunately I had to buy this bands' stuff. The cd 'Bricks are heavy' is my favourite and never fails to remind me of the ferry or Tony's dirty car or getting drunk. It also reminds me that Bigshot being multi racial had the cars scratched that evening and KKK calling cards left on the windscreens, who'da thunkit in rural Dorset... duelling banjo's anyone? Anyway to cut a long story even longer this offering was accidentally bought on ebay thinking it was a cd, so two years later I finally get around to converting it to MP3 and uploading it for others to share. Enjoy.


17 Nov 2005

"Your music's shite it keeps me up all night"

Here we have a gig by the duo of Monkey Boy and Monobrow, otherwise known as Oasis. Now I can take them or leave them to be brutally frank. Like the music don't like the 'thick as shit and staying that way' attitude they have. As for all that Blur v Oasis cobblers in the '90's well I bought both so I don't care what the NME tried to stir up. This gig is from Hammersmith odeon. Never been to an Oasis gig (can't stand the sight of Burberry)and not a lot to say about these blokes really I think they are a lot less important in the world of music than most journos you see on those Channel Four 'list' programmes. First two albums were great and then they went downhill for a bit and now up in the middle somewhere with the release of 'Don't believe the truth' of which every song on there reminds me of something else. Still I suppose they aren't Madness with thier Karaoke album. Hope you enjoy the gig. Please leave comments if you do.

14 Nov 2005

''Casino Dino and roulette Len all know my name and back again''

Big Audio Dynamite were the band for me in the mid to late eighties and I must have been right as My friends hated them. One was a rockabilly, one listened to Marillion and god knows what Gavin was but they were all both good friends and wrong musically. But hey you can't have everything can you? The first time I heard the band was on the Annie Nightingale one summer sunday evening in '86 maybe it was the sunshine or the escape from lousy foster parents but it just seemed to click with me. The track was 'E=MC2' and from there I heard 'Medicine show' which just dripped with samples from Sergio Leone movies I had to get the album and did with some infrequent wages from my infrequent decorating job. I would wander around my little town in Norfolk blasting it from my 'ghetto blaster'. Imagine 'A Party', 'Sony' and 'Sudden Impact' echoing around a small shopping precinct. How popular I must have been with those dusty old people as the sample " Get three coffins ready" reverberated about? There I was size 30 waist (long gone), sunny outlook on life (long gone), regular sex (long gone), I had money and enjoyed my job (you see the pattern forming here?) and some great music. Band members were Mick Jones, Don Letts, Leo Williams, Greg Roberts, Dan Donovan and Flea (whoever he was....maybe he did the scratching? he he he). Hearing 'This Is B.A.D' again and 'No 10 Upping Street' takes me right back, I wish I could go back and tell myself to "stop that you filthy boy and don't do it again". It seems a long time ago in different world in the middle of Mrs Thatcher's dictatorship, the cold war and communism was still rampant, the Labour party were still socialist, (look it up in a dictionary all you Tory Blair Voters). No premiership, no multi millionaire footballers, no jar jar binks ah what a wonderful time for that alone. The tracks offered here are extra special as they are 12" tracks and rare stuff. This is the first of seven volumes so if you want more let me know.


13 Nov 2005

'I wanna riot a riot of my own'
Here we are again me waffling on and you lot not leaving any comments, well, why not? Come on I need to know if you like the muzak etc. Sorry bit ill at the moment so I'm feeling grumpy (Which is usually Snow White's job). today's offering is 'The Clash' Live at the Lochem Festival from 1982. I've got others but then I'd have to go through some disks to get them and I don't feel like it so there. Been reading the book called 'A riot of our own: Night and day with The Clash' by Johnny Green and Garry Barker It was the sadly ex BBC 6 Music DJ Jane Gazzo that recommended it on her show and throough the magic of the interweb less than a week later I had a cheap copy from (cheap being my second favourite price next to free). Been comparing The Clash to Green Day lately to some of the children at work I can see similarities in the dress the energy and especially in the political nature of some of the songs but the Clash would always win in the long run. I only got into the clash in retro as I'd been listening to Big Audio Dynamite (more of which in later posts). Anyway enough waffling here are the posts.