2 Jul 2006

"But I'll keep on fighting for the things I want Though I know that when you're dead you can't But I'd rather be a free man in my grave Than living as a puppet or a slave"

You know you'd think I would be used to disappointment what with being a Norwich City fan and all. But yesterday was extremely so due to the fact that the Brazilians were out played by Les Bleus and as a result went out. Shame, so long as Portugal don't win then I'll be happy. I should know by now that despite every four years thinking to myself "we've got the strongest side since the last tournament we should do it this time." We
don't. To my mind England played much better as a team in the last tournament than they did in this one. I still say that my idea of picking the teams that qualify at random so they can play or not play to their full extent and if they get a group where there are four 'smaller' nations in it then great at least some of the smaller nations would qualify instead of already knowing when to book the flight home (like Scotland). I think FIFA would never do this as there's a chance that a big nation or two wouldn't make it through and therefore they would lose revenue, which unfortunately is what it all boils down to these days. But at least we'd avoid the groups where they already know they only need to draw against the othe big nation in the group to get through. Just imagine what would have happened if England had had to have made a better than the half arsed performance
against the Swedes? I would love to see a smaller nation get through to the final because it's getting like the premiership where only the usual suspects need apply. It's kind of like a Smart car trying to keep up with a Ferrari sure you could try and keep pace but whilst the Ferrari is coasting along to a certain victory you are the one in danger of sending
the pistons through the hood. I wonder if we see a headline later in the new season about Rooney and Ronaldo smacking each other on the training ground? Let's hope Rooney doesn't lose that one as well. On another note is it me or does Ribery cut his own hair? I haven't seen an awful haircut like that since Peter Beardsley. Never mind I'll just go back to my Douglas Coupland books which I'm reading at a rate of knots at the moment. It's either that or actually talk to the Darth Vader clone at work (nose breather). Bloody woman. So far in the last few weeks I've read Miss Wyoming, Generation X (reread), Shampoo Planet (reread), All families are psychotic and I'm awaiting a couple more
through Amazon. I might get 'Girlfriend in a coma' and reread that too. If you haven't read any of his work then I suggest that you try one. I can recommend Microserfs too. Also the british author Martin Millar is worth a read too especially, 'Suzy, Led Zeppelin And Me' , 'The Good Fairies Of New York' and 'Love and peace with Melody Paradise' which is one of my favourites of his.

Still finding my Name is Earl very funny and not just to do with the fact that Jaime Pressly and Nadine Velasquez are extremely beeeyootiful either before you say anything. It's a very original idea for a sitcom which makes a change from all the usual crap I spot on ABC 1 on our digiboxes over here in the UK. It's also better than most series we make here too I mean my god who on earth keeps making 'My Family'? Mind you it wasn't till I rewatched 'Mallrats' recently that I realised it was Ethan Suplee staring at the sail boat magic eye picture and the comic book fan in 'Chasing Amy'. Quick on the uptake me.

Anyway the music this time is an excellent post from those people at family recordings called 'New Waves: 45 Orginal 45s from The Post Punk Era'. it comprises of some of the best of that era and the Boomtown Rats. This is the same record label as the people who bring out all those 12"/80's compilations so there's someone working there that knows his onions which is unusual for a record label.






p said...

Glad to read that you're enjoying Douglas Coupland... He's absolutely superb!
(managed to get a signed hardback of 'Eleanor Rigby' when I was in Britain last time - Thank you Waterstones..:!

keep up the good work...

TheUpsetter1969 said...

That's one on my 'to read' list, next up I have 'Hey Nostrodamus' which when it arrives from Amazon it'll be read straight away.