2 Jun 2006

"The suburbs they are dreaming They're a twinkle in her eye, She's been feeling frisky since her husband said goodbye, She wears a low cut T-shirt Runs a little B&B, She's most accomodating when she's in her lingerie, Wife-swapping is your future, You know that it would suit ya."

Well AOL seem to have pulled their collective fingers out of wherever they had them and sorted out my connection. Tonight I got to come home early due to the fact my manager is a loser (You know who you are). Even after an hour and a half long lesson on how to attach and send pictures in email (when I should have been working), and a crashed computer due to excessive impatient pressing of buttons by said manager I get a phone call to tell me he hasn't done it right and could I go home and do it before the deadline? Well 25 mins later after rushing around my department to get it tidy for the morning and watching a suspected shoplifter on cctv I rush home in the boiling hot weather and with head ache proceed to do one of the easiest things on the PC which is seemingly beyond certain retail managers. It's like I say everyone has their forte and they are good at that and not much else. With me it's computers with him it's obviously retail, it's not that I don't know about retail, but rather like most of my colleagues (apple polishers apart, You know who you are), I don't care. In my mind retail is like gardening, with retail people will buy whatever they want whether I'm on the shop floor or hiding in the warehouse (mentioning no home adornment department Section Leaders), in gardening green shit grows whether you want it to or not, no matter if Charlie Dimmock is flashing her manly frame in a loose fitting vest on Ground Force or not.
Also tonight whilst I'm in bitch mode (in a manly way of course), I'd like to thank all my snitchy, complete bastards at work (I know who you are) who told on me for fancying a lovely sexy legged lady to said lady. I now have to hide in a broom cupboard until she leaves the building. Gits ;) You wait, revenge will be mine once I write my retail based sitcom. All similarities to any persons living or dead is purely coincidental.
Well here's The Who - The Kids Are Alright OST I was going to post the other night but couldn't. The Who are always good for sticking on the old headphones when you fancy falling to sleep to a balls out rock band as all others are just mere pomp and spandex bullshit peddlars. Mind you I don't really like the later stuff after Keith Moon died but there you go. I'm not as bad as others I could mention who don't like Madness post 1981, speaking of whom they are in the studio to produce an original material album, thank god for that I need my madness fix after the dangermen and Our House musical total bollocks period. Let's hope it's not as disappointing as those. Anyway as I was saying here's the Who from the film The Kids Are Alright which documented their career up to that point (IE all the good bits I mentioned a moment ago), If you haven't seen the film then do yourself a favour and get a copy from somewhere as you'll see the genius that was Moon at work. You'll see the moment when he decided there wasn't enough powder in the flash bangs in the US TV studio so added lots more ... only he forgot to tell anyone else, subsiquently Pete Townsend finished his part by the drums and bang!!!! instant deafness from that day since. Rock and roll. Sadly there wasn't any footage of Keith on gorilla tranquilisers and having to be held on to the drums by roadies in the film but maybe there'll be a director's cut?
Lovely sunset tonight and as they say in my neck of the woods "Red skoiye at noight, sheeps is on fire, red skoiye in tha' mornun' sheeps still on fire."

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old school lady said...

Perhaps now that said lady is aware of your intentions, she will make the first move. You know, you're not in grade school anymore; just ask her out!

I once broke up with a boyfriend after an arguement over who was more emblematic of the Who--I said Keith Moon's manic drumming, and he said Pete Townsend's windmill guitar. The relationship deteriorated from that moment on...

TheUpsetter1969 said...

I can see how that would happen. Apparently she'd been aware of my intentions for 18 months now so ... And anyway he's a fool ... Keith Moon everytime over Townsend :)

chumly said...

Can I be the forklift driver in your sitcom? I have experience and lots of lots of stories about..... well "You know who they are!"

TheUpsetter1969 said...

Is this my "You Know Who They Are?" or your own "You Know Who They Are?" and you can be haed of forklift dept. If Your ambition carries you that far. ;) Where do you see yourself in my sitcom world in five years time? I hate that question at interviews all I want to say is "I want your job you git it seems very easy." but I restrain myself.