25 Jun 2006

"My only weakness is a list of crimes, my only weakness is ... well never mind never mind, Shoplifters of the world unite and take over."

As I write this I'm sitting here waiting for Ecaudor to kick us out of the world cup. It's balmy summers day here in Old Blighty where the leaden skies unleash their watery contents upon my fucking head as I drag my washing back from the laundromat. Hmmm and so many people want to come here, now don't get me wrong I've got no problem whatsoever with immigration or emmigration. I just don't understand why many people would leave their nice warm places to come to this soggy sceptered isle. Still at least there'll be room for me when I become a full Brazilian ... there's still no extradition between UK and Brazil right? And if anyone asks "you ain't seen me and you don' know nuffin' right?" Cushty.

I notice that reknown fat lad and Brazilian striker Ronaldo has equalled Gerd Muller's all time world cup scoring record and must surely pass it this time? This makes the dvds we are selling at work woefully out of date as they clearly state the case for Herr Muller. It's no wonder they've gone down in price. More cheap cut price crap for me to sell, oh joy. I really have to leave that job then I wouldn't get people complaining when I won't let them in at the end of the day. I mean how unreasonable can I get? We're only open for 60 hours a week so what on earth makes people not want to come in during that time? Why come and moan at me when I won't let you in at 17.29 and 45 seconds? These people always say the same thing, "It's not quite 5.30 yet." well how were we supposed to know? I mean there we were going by the clocks in our shop had we known we were running fast then we'd ring these people up and ask them the time ... Arseholes. Anyway I just chill out now and I try not to let these wankers ruin my home life too by winding me up. I just watched Pulp Fiction again last night on BBC3 which is kind of stupid as I've got the DVD but it's still a great film packed with excellent dialogue and fantastic cinematograpy. I wish I could write something that good. Maybe I'll give it a go? People keep telling me to write a book, I think I'd like that not for money as I'm certain there wouldn't be any or the fame for the same reason. Just for the fact that I'd not like to work for a living anymore and I'm pretty darn certain that my lucky numbers will never come up, (that lotto is a fix), and I'm never gooing to amount to anything in any field of work especially not in retail management ick. So I'll give it a go why not what have I to lose?

Today for you lucky people we have a huge (forteen to be precise), bootlegs by The Smiths. These are all culled from the web over the last few months and they would have been more in number but as I alluded to in a post earlier I haven't cataloged over a hundred dvds of data and therefore don't want to spend my sodden sunday looking through dvds. I've used rapidshare because I recently got a free (my favourite price ;)) ) trial Premium account so I'm going to get the full account later in the week. Each bootleg has all tracks in their in a txt file along with details of the dates and I've added the covers as well. As you'd expect they have differing qualities but I didn't do them so don't complain to me and whaddya want for free anyway? Now leave me alone and I'm going to have an afternoon of watching 'My Name Is Earl' and 'Mallrats'. BTW I have the complete season one of My Name Is Earl let me know if anyone would want them posted?

NB I would like to assure the world in my own little way that not all English football fans are like the arseholes that seem to have surfaced in Germany at the moment. I'm certain that some of us had we been there would have found great pleasure in making new friends and not wearing t shirts and making stupid comments about the war that we never fought in 60 years ago.

http://rapidshare.de/files/24082431/Mega_Smiths_upload.txt Text File for 14 bootlegs


The Peanut said...

Thank you very much for these great Smiths Bootlegs!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the nice upload

grtz shusui

TheUpsetter1969 said...

There will be more later as I've decided to make an effort and search through some disks.