4 May 2006

"In the end, it took me a dictionary To find out the meaning of unrequitedWhile she was giving herself for free At a party to which I was never invited"
I suppose that there are still some things that suprise me, but not many. I'm not suprised that someone comes up to me in my shop and says something stupid like "Do you do Oxford blue paint? ... It's a blue" Well no shit Sherlock no wonder they call it blue then because I was wondering. No I'm just flabbergasted that a colleague of mine actually believes in ghosts ... and goes looking for them. Well if you see Elvis get me his autograph willya? I suppose people are likely to believe anything, especially if they see it on telly. On one of the satellite tv channels here in Blighty has a programme called 'Most Haunted' where a team of people go in search of your actual spirit world. You have an actress and we all know that they never make stuff up for the sake of entertainment, and then you have some other bloke who is I think a scientist who verifies "Yes we some spectral activity" as he looks at his modified pocket calculator to confirm this. Then the to cap it all we have the medium ... who no matter what sex they are or where or when they come, no matter if they are a murdered 35 year old midget woman with a lisp or a 300 pound 80 year old Jamaican man he always seems to channel a slightly camp Liverpudlian accented spirit. Not very convincing either. I also think that prat who stands in front of the audience and 'talks' with the afterlife. He'll do this by standing there and putting his finger to his temple will say "I'm getting a name that starts with F? Q? no G or D". "I'm getting a picture of someone called Derek, is there a Derek here? Or knows someone called Derek?" Some sad sack unable to let go of a departed loved one will say "Terry?" "yesss yes there's a lot of people trying to get through at once yes there's a Terry here and he says not to worry about the money. Are you worried about the money?" What money? Who isn't worried about money I mean come on it's like those fortune tellers "you're going on a journey." Well of course I am I don't live here you know. These people just play on people's insecurities, a bit like ITV news. Headlines "we're all gonna die, Horribly" "The government are screwing us", "some people got maimed and no one's done anything about it a woman is angry" They alway give problems on that show but like my wizened old sage like landlord says they never offer any solutions to the problems they portray. Sensationalism sells just look at the daily mail. "Illegal immigrant crisis", "Council tax crisis", "National Health service crisis" I suspect that paper is run by some highly strung, slightly drunk women of the tory wife ilk . Anyway enough venomous bile for tonight here's the music. First we have Sleeper with the gorgeous Louise Wener who is now an attractive author and I can recommend her first book 'Goodnight Steve McQueen'. Anyway It's Sleeper live from Brookes University Oxford 96. Then I'm going with another Girl fronted Britpop band Elastica (oooh Justine Frischmann) from 18-04-95 and a Mark Radcliffe session from the same year also interview. Then just to break the Britpop stranglehold I've put up the eponymous debut from The Fun Boy Three.


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