1 May 2006

"Don't you worry, There's no hurryIt's a lovely day, Could all be going your wayTake the doc's advice, Let up enjoy your lifeListen to what they say, It's not a game they play".

Well one day back and already my desire to kill is resurgent. Oh how I'd missed the damn retards that I have to serve. It still staggers me how we get a free national holiday and many people's ideas of spending a lovely sunny day off is to go shopping. Fuck wits!! That just gives me more to do.
So Wayne 'Shrek' Rooney has broken his cloven hoof has he? Well thanks to all those Private Frazers in the media we might as well stay at home "Cuz We're doomed." That is a bit insulting to the other 21 players in the squad though. Although I always feel that we field a very good team and could get to the semi finals every time I'm always deflated when we don't, you'd think I would know better by now having followed every world cup since 1978's hair festival. I was
reminded of the Archie Gemmil goal the other day when I watched Trainspotting again. It was at that point in 1978 that my mother who was holding a blue and white bedecked teddy bear of my sister's threw it in the air in celebration ... smashing the light fitting and covering us in hot glass. This unfortunately is my only recollection from that world cup besides the huge amounts of paper thrown about in the stadium, I'm glad I wasn't the janitor. The next world cup I remember in detail wqs 1986 and the infamous 'hand of god' incedent ... cheating little dumpy fucker. Mind you if Shilton had grabbed the ball instead of trying to punch then it may have been different. Everyone's favourite world cup of course was Italia '90. Long hot summer , long cold beers and long hot women. Gazza, Roger Milla, Mullets and .. hold on it's a gone a bit "jumpers for goal posts" hasn't it? Still 1990 wasn't all good as we still had a dictatorship in this country and I was unemployed, the weather was good though and I still had a 32" waist. I'd been trained to drink for Queen and country by the Army and continued my good work in the inns and taverns of Olde Worlde Norfolk. Anyway before I get all maudlin for the old days and actually having a sex life I'll post the music and decide to do what I do every four years and become a temporary Brazilian citizen ... until they get knocked out. Some instrumental Reggae for you tonight Bob Marley and the Wailers produced by The Upsetter Lee Perry himself. According to the sleeve notes Jamaican DJs used totoast over the music, well that's good but what if like my landlord you've lost the recipe for toast? Anyway enjoy the music.


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