18 May 2006

"Dizzy in the head and I'm feeling bad,The things you've said have got me real madI'm gettin' funny dreams again and again, I know what it means butCan't explain I think it's love, Try to say it to you When I feel blue."

This government is truly falling apart and it's just filling me with deja vu. It feels just like the early nineties with the Tory party set to self destruct. The sad part is though that in my naivety I believed the 'new' Labour bullshit and thought at least the evil empire had ended and we'd entered the broad sunlit uplands promised to us after the long days of conservative misrule. But as The Who sang "Meet the new boss same as the old boss." How true, the only problem is now that there really is no alternative to 'New' Labour. This is why some of the poplace made the dumb ass decision to vote for the BNP (Nazi Scum) in the last local elections, suprised they could swing there knuckles up off the floor to put their 'x' in the box. I'm hoping that the parties offer us someone to vote for soon or for the first time since my first election in '87 I'm not going to bother turning up. The Tories had 'Quangoes' and Labour have 'cash for peerages'. Tories had sex scandals and labour now have sex scandals, they both took us into wars and taxed us heavily to pay for it. Both parties can't sort the NHS out and are having trouble with striking teachers. Like I say what alternative do we have? The Liberals? Oh great they've proved themselves just as sleaze soaked as the rest of the parties when someone admits to having a problem which he's grappling with they show him support by stabbing him in the back and sacking him with all the gusto they could raise. And for a 'liberal' party as soon as they find someone has been 'batting for the other team' so to speak they turn on them ...hmmm very 'liberal' minded of them. Perhaps we should do what the Americans have done and elect a retarded fundamental christian Chimp into office? I say put Keith Moon in office we may all go to hell in handcart but it would be a laugh, the only prime minister to trash the house of commons. His staff car parked with two wheels up the cenotaph and page three models in cabinet meetings ... hell I'd go into politics.

Don't mind me as I'm kranky due to having no idea how to ask this woman out at work in such a way that she'll say yes, it'd be so much better if we could just go back to the clubbing over the head and dragging them back to the cave (sorry was trained by a seventies man). Tonight's posts are the Who live at the Isle of whight festival 1970 and some Madness Demos and odds that I found languishing on my hard drive.

http://rapidshare.de/files/20779112/1970.part1.rar.html The Who


http://rapidshare.de/files/20786460/Demo.rar.html Madness Demo's

Enjoy the music

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