31 Mar 2006

"I am one of those melodramatic fools neurotic to the core no doubt about it."

We British really have no idea do we? I mean all these foreign diplomats and politicians invite us over to their countries all over the world where we get to see our politicians in exotic and beautiful locales. It doesn't quite go down like that when we invite them over here. U.S. Secretary for something or other Condileeza Rice took Jack Straw to Birmingham, Alabama (pronounced Burming-ham Alabamy apparently), she showed him an NFL game where he described it as Rugby with commercials. She then showed him the sights sounds and churches in her tour of the area. So I ask how impressed was she when Jack invited her to the rain soaked Northern British town of Blackburn? Where to her no doubt immense delight she was treated to our national sport ... unfortunately they weren't in when they called but there were some kids having a kick about. How thrilled she must have been to be given her very own goalkeeping gloves and Blackburn Rovers shirt (with her name on), you can just picture her around her apartment in Washington fluffy slippers, Blackburn rovers shirt and tub of ice cream. It is just so embarrassing to be British sometimes, it's typical of this government though it all seems so last minute not thought through and half arsed. Was she treated to a state banquet at Harry Ramsdens high street chippy or did jack borrow the mayor's office and pop down to Iceland's? "Would you like some more cheap cola to go with your Findus crispy pancakes Condi?"

Tonight's post is an album from back in the day when I used my dick for more than stirring my tea with. Yes, I actually had a sex/social life. 1986's (incidentally it hasn't been that long... but it certainly feels like it :( ) Public Image Limited's Album called 'Album'.


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