27 Jan 2006

"All this talk of getting old is dragging me down my love."

Well it's amazing a world of calm has descended upon my shop. there are still the idiots who can't control their limbs as they stand there knocking items from my recently tidied shelves, but I'm taking the advice of all those concerned and refraining from excessive ranting and gnashing of teeth. I suppose it helps that it's pay day and I actually got there before the Abbey National bank. My god a whole pay packet to myself what're the odds? Usually the Abbey Nazi tional see how much you've earned, think of a number, double it and then adds a factor of three and withdraw it all laughing maniacally. Not this time matey boy, "yoink!" I said as I went to the atm. Which is suprising as the local bus company decided that I needed the excercise as much as they needed the sleep and made me walk in the freezing cold this morning. I should've had one of those Ready Brek radioactive glows that porridge eating kids used to have in the '70's adverts. Still calm calm calm, and I get an extra day off next week woo hoo. I get two more mornings where I ignore the freezing temperatures and stay under my snuggly fleece blanket and winter 16 tog duvet with heater going full tilt, (Global warming my arse). I shall no doubt be testing my new pillows to the max in the next few days. See? A whole post and no ranting, what's happened to the real me? Maybe I blew an angry fuse? P{ossibly it's because our manager was asleep, sorry, "doing paperwork" in his office most of the day? Maybe I'm cream crakered from all that Clash induced air guitar when watching Rude Boy the other night? Who knows? It may not last for long so make the most of it. As it stands not even listening to Tatu covering 'How Soon Is Now?' would piss me off.

Tonights posts are Franz Ferdinand doing 'Take me out' on a UK telly programme, the second is my favourite Specials album, although technically its not the The Specials, but the Special AKA 'In the studio' from 1984. This album was played to death in my old art classes at school back in the day and a gorgeous blonde girl who loved the album too but I can't remember her name (it's me age). We didn't have much just some pencils a tape player and a desire to rid the world of the emporer palpatine and her Tory party, no sorry that's wrong, Mrs Thatcher and her evil empire. Anyway it was a sadly much ignored album and introduced me to a wider spectrum of
music instead of all that 2-Tone vinyl that I'd worn out. Anyway enough of the nostalgia (it's not what it used to be), here's the music.

http://rapidshare.de/files/11795753/FF-TMO-CD-UK.part1.rar.html http://rapidshare.de/files/11796819/FF-TMO-CD-UK.part2.rar.html
pw = theupsetter
Franz Ferdinand 132mb mpeg file

http://rapidshare.de/files/11979582/CHS-TT5008.rar.html The Special AKA In The Studio

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EndlessMike said...

Too weird. This very afternoon in a CD store, I noticed "In the Studio" on the shelf (filed — improperly, no less — under Special Beat) and thought, I'm going to have to dig out my vinyl of that and dust off the turntable, me. So thanks much for this.

TheUpsetter1969 said...

No problem, that's the second time I've filled people's wishes this week spooky.