7 Dec 2005

"It Ain't Coca Cola it's Rice"
Back in the days When I was pootling around in rural Norfolk on my 10 gear racer bike with a tape recorder or small radio strapped to the handle bars. One of the only punk bands I could stand was the Clash albeit just the singles due to my being a two tone fan first and foremost but the band, always on the airwaves of the pirate stations that had re emerged in the eighties, used to (thanks to my bike adornments) waft around the half empty caravan sites and empty shops at as much volume that I could muster from my ever ready batteries. This was one of the Mick
Jones mixed version that the label CBS rejected in favour of the Version you get from the shops co produced by Glyn Johns. Many of these tracks were trunkated for the release. Enjoy I'm off the remember the long cold grey summer days of my youth... and thank god I grew up and escaped!!!


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