23 Dec 2005

"I luv yoooo yure my besht friend"
Yes it's the holiday season or in my job the holiday weekend. Each year we in the UK celebrate the life of our Lord and saviour the son of god, Barry, sorry, Jesus Christ (someone else's words not mine atheist swine that I am). Every household will be completely stressed out, Mum pulling her hair out as Dad sits there watching the Great Escape as he ignores her nagging. The have kids opened all the presents that mum and dad have carefully wrapped for hours the previous night within five minutes they are broken. Grandparents sit farting and moaning that "it was much better in thier day etc etc" which of course is bullshit as there were no
PSP's during the war for a start so how could it be better? The British streets will be covered in vomit by Xmas morn from half the population going to parties to get legless and/or 'knocked up'in the true spirit of Christmas.... lucky bastards, ya see dear listener I'm teetotal, it doesn't make you live any longer it just makes it feel like you are. I used to drink and every year I got off with Helena Christensen only to wake up to Anne Widdecombe. For those of you who don't know who they are use google and see the reason for my fearful abstenance. Damn those beer goggles, also I haven't eaten a kebab since stopping drinking beer goggles prevent you from seeing the dead flies stuck to the meat.

Any way rant over on to the music. Today's offering is the excellent 'The Jam - A Bomb in Wardour Street' bootleg with a live gig from 1977 and session tracks from the same year. It's currently in my cd walkman as part of an mp3 disk so I can say it's energetic to say the least. It whiles away the hours spent on a bus each day and drowns out the vacuous talk of the teenagers going to the college, I long for early retirement...about thirty years early if that's ok? I really wish I didn't have to deal with the public, I used to think I was a people person, then I met
them and found I wasn't. Anyway where was I? Oh yes The Jam were of course Paul Weller's first band and started out Punk evolved through Mod and into Soul. Which Paul then carried into the Style Council with added ponciness, unlike many bands called Madness he stopped when he was at the top of his game and never reformed the Jam doing awful covers albums (Solo effort 'Studio 150' not counted). Anyway enjoy The Jam and have a nice and peaceful holiday and I hope Santa brings you who you want sorry what you want. :) (there's only 115 of the person I want in the country according to http://www.yournotme.com/ so supplies are limited) :(


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