30 Nov 2005

"You just made my shitlist"

The first time I heard L7 was going accross the Sandbanks ferry in Tony's knackered old 2 series Beamer. We were on our way to the little town of Swanage to see the band we all used to knock about with called Bigshot, who were a semi adequate Ska band. Whilst we whiled away the long wait for the ferry to clank it's way back accross the water on it's chain Tony changed the tape from the Sepultura one that he'd been boring me with and put L7. At the time there was nowt but crap in the English charts and very little coming through in the way of Ska that I considered any good, I was getting no end of free cds due to my Fanzine 'The Upsetter' (Hence the name of the blog folks) but unfortunately I had to buy this bands' stuff. The cd 'Bricks are heavy' is my favourite and never fails to remind me of the ferry or Tony's dirty car or getting drunk. It also reminds me that Bigshot being multi racial had the cars scratched that evening and KKK calling cards left on the windscreens, who'da thunkit in rural Dorset... duelling banjo's anyone? Anyway to cut a long story even longer this offering was accidentally bought on ebay thinking it was a cd, so two years later I finally get around to converting it to MP3 and uploading it for others to share. Enjoy.


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