28 Oct 2005

Biff bang pow Oh Bugger me Thumb!!!!

Well here we are what a looong and productive day I've had. First I spend all day selling crap (our stock) to people who smell of crap (ie our customers), then I come home to find my new bookcase has arrived. Woo and indeed hoo!!!! So there I am banging nails in at about 9.30 pm to the delight of my landlord downstairs. I stand back and in true British workman style I sip my mug of tea and with my hammer in my hand replete with thumb resting on my belt I admire my work as if I'd just discovered fire. See everyone else in the world is out spending money on getting pissed and shagging ugly pissed women and regretting both in the morning and here I am building furniture..... but given the choice....

Anyway on to today's posts a little know band from Liverpool called 'The Bee attles' or something anyway they should go far see what you think? It's an album of out takes and different mixes of the 'Let It Be' tracks


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